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Pandora Downloaded

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1 - Boot sector

A detective flees for his life in the city slums. Will he rescue the hostage on time? But not all is what it seems...

2 - Insufficient memory

Steve Meyer, CEO of the most powerful corporation in the world, requests an oracle from Galatea, the corporation's superintelligent AI. Her predictions involve more than just the company, and they're not good news.

3 - Loading Kernel

Pearson wakes up and has another flashback of his wife as he watches the Hong Kong news - something his doctor explicitly forbid.

4 - Interrupt request

Pearson goes to breakfast to his favorite food joint and has a friendly discussion about androids with the chef. Meanwhile, an important rank in the Cyberpol is training new recruits. Both are interrupted by an armed robbery alert - by an augmented criminal gang.

5 - Try / Catch

Pearson goes after the armed robbers, but he did not expect augmented criminals wearing high tech weapons. Their surveillance drones are rendered ineffective! Will he be able to catch and face the criminals?

6 - Garbage collection

New Hong Kong. A young anarchist girl tries to sabotage a corrupt politician's campaign with a stink bomb; But Delegate Moreira's androids were recently given new directives...

7 - Orphan Sectors

Our young heroine runs away from her assailant with the help of her mysterious savior, but the bad guy's got a motorcycle - and a foam gun! Will they make it?

8 - Core dump

Pearson takes Paredes to the hospital and receives an unexpected announcement. Meanwhile, Bethany has to confront the fact that the woman who rescued her is an android. Also, some heart-wrenching revelations about her past.

9 - Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Had you ever fantasized about sleeping with an android? Beth certainly has, but she never imagined the extents to which she would be engulfed by pleasure of such a magnitude. (Warning: Graphical descriptions of sex, 18+ adults only)

10 - Quarantine folder

Lieutenant Inoue interrogates the captured gang leader, without much success. Later, when the Cyberpol R&D chief asks for her help with a new brain scanner machine, she gets disturbed by the fake head that came with the demonstration. Meanwhile, Beth realizes that she needs to report her avatar as stolen to get an alibi, and there's no turning back.

11 - Unrecognized protocol

Following Vixen's advice, Bethany goes to visit an android refurbishing center in the western citadels. As it turns out, Vixen is not the only rogue android in town. Meanwhile, Beth's father is summoned by her in-laws to discuss Bethany's future, but something's wrong. Why did they suddenly call, after 23 years?

12 - Unrecoverable system error

Lillian shares her memories of her visit to the morgue, which causes Jane to faint. After she recovers, she and Lillian discuss the circumstances behind Catherine's mysterious demise.

13 - Forensic analysis

In a virtual world where time can be reversed and events can be changed and replayed an infinite number of times, a synthetic Sherlock Holmes examines the crime scene.

14 - Hard reboot

What can eight years of unhealthy eating and sedentary life do to you? For Pearson, it wasn't just the weight. With his arteries clogged, Pearson found himself fighting for his life on the back seat of a cab.

15 - System migration

Pearson leaves the hospital, healthier than ever and with a new job: Private Detective. He finally departs from the States to embrace the first day of his new life. New Hong Kong, here we go!

16 - Breadcrumbs

Bethany remembers how she met the gang as the Madame gives her a ride on her sky car, inadvertedly revealing a painful secret. Agent Williams is starting to look for clues regarding Bethany's whereabouts.

17 - Scheduled maintenance

Jane tells Bethany that she has to move to the citadels with her grandparents; she does not take it well. Pearson goes to the 5th precinct to get briefed about the case.

18 - Handshake

Late night. Pearson decides to go to Venus and meet the girl in the poster. But is she friend, or foe?

19 - Full Duplex

There are three ways to know a man: Put him in a tight situation, get him drunk, or put a beautiful girl in front of him. As Elizabetha starts flirting with him, Pearson is struggling with his hardest decision in years.

20 - Bad request

Bethany reluctantly agrees to meet her grandparents in the citadel. So many questions come to her head: What do they expect of her? Why do they want to take her away from the ground? Will she have to remake her life as a Victorian? Meanwhile, Pearson has more concept-induced nightmares, and the line between fiction and reality starts to blur.