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Chapter 20 - Bad Request

Date: 2023-07-27T14:08:00-0600
Category: Pandora Downloaded

Bethany reluctantly agrees to meet her grandparents in the citadel. So many questions come to her head: What do they expect of her? Why do they want to take her away from the ground? Will she have to remake her life as a Victorian? Meanwhile, Pearson has more concept-induced nightmares, and the line between fiction and reality starts to blur.

Chapter 19 - Full Duplex

Date: 2023-04-18T21:05:00-0600
Category: Pandora Downloaded

There are three ways to know a man: Put him in a tight situation, get him drunk, or put a beautiful girl in front of him. As Elizabetha starts flirting with him, Pearson is struggling with his hardest decision in years.

Chapter 18 - Handshake

Date: 2023-04-18T21:05:00-0600
Category: Pandora Downloaded

Late night. Pearson decides to go to Venus and meet the girl in the poster. But is she friend, or foe?

Chapter 17 - Scheduled maintenance

Date: 2023-04-18T21:05:00-0600
Category: Pandora Downloaded

Jane tells Bethany that she has to move to the citadels with her grandparents; she does not take it well. Pearson goes to the 5th precinct to get briefed about the case.

Chapter 16 - Breadcrumbs

Date: 2023-03-12T00:23:02-0600
Category: Pandora Downloaded

Bethany remembers how she met the gang as the Madame gives her a ride on her sky car, inadvertedly revealing a painful secret. Agent Williams is starting to look for clues regarding Bethany's whereabouts.

Chapter 15 - System Migration

Date: 2023-03-06T00:01:27-0600
Category: Pandora Downloaded

Pearson leaves the hospital, healthier than ever and with a new job: Private Detective. He finally departs from the States to embrace the first day of his new life. New Hong Kong, here we go!

Chapter 14 - Hard reboot

Date: 2023-02-27T00:01:12-0600
Category: Pandora Downloaded

What can eight years of unhealthy eating and sedentary life do to you? For Pearson, it wasn't just the weight. With his arteries clogged, Pearson found himself fighting for his life on the back seat of a cab.

Chapter 13 - Forensic analysis

Date: 2023-02-26T00:00:00-0600
Category: Pandora Downloaded

In a virtual world where time can be reversed and events can be changed and replayed an infinite number of times, a synthetic Sherlock Holmes examines the crime scene.

Chapter 12 - Unrecoverable system error

Date: Jan 24, 2023 22:28
Category: Pandora Downloaded

Lillian shares her memories of her visit to the morgue, which causes Jane to faint. After she recovers, she and Lillian discuss the circumstances behind Catherine's mysterious demise.

A neo-noir thriller like nothing you’ve seen

Our protagonist is tasked with solving a Neo Victorian murder where the main suspect is a rogue android. But his investigations may uncover an old case implicating private interests, megacorporations, rogue AIs, and even governments. What exactly happened ten years ago?

A new Cyberpunk world

Explore the benefits and dangers of several new technologies like androids, cortical implants, bio modifications, hyper realistic VR and sentient AIs;
a world full of greed, corruption, networked crime syndicates and AI-worshipping cults; a foreign planet where unmodified humans are pushed to the bottom of society and politics are torn between obsolete premises and an unpredictable future.

A transhumanist frontier

When age limits reach centuries, when dying only means losing a spare body, when genders can be switched at a whim, when religions can be electronically enforced, when bodies and minds are no longer bound by human limitations, what does family mean? Love? Loyalty? Will machines become our slaves, our masters, or our lovers? Is our humanity defined by our bodies, our connectome, or the people around us?