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The following chapter contains highly erotic content and is restricted to mature audiences.

Please skip this chapter if you're offended by strong sexual material, such as:

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* Light BDSM
* Sex toys
* Sexual fluids
* Robosexuality
* Modified genitalia

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Flor de Dulce. n. Literal translation for "flower of sweets", Flor de Dulce is the name given to adolescent prostitutes who are specialized in servicing virgins, both male and female. Selected among the most beautiful, intelligent and skilled girls, Flores de Dulce have the highest gross income in the world, rivaled only by government officials and corporate CEOs (not counting bonuses). It has become a tradition among wealthy families in Iberia to send their sexually awakening children to lose their virginity to a Flor de Dulce, who will teach them in the arts of love while preserving them from the dangers of unchecked sexual promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases. The high rates of romantic relationships between a young noble and a Flor de Dulce have prompted the adoption of indissoluble marriage...

- Novo European Customs and Traditions, chapter 14: Courtesans in modern day Iberia.

Hotel bathroom
Undisclosed location
Hong Kong

Vixen was laughing so hard that she slapped her knees to contain the laughter.

"And I open the door", said Beth, also laughing, "and my dad is RIGHT THERE!"

"Oh. My. God." Vixen laughed. "Oh. My. God! Oh. My. God!!!"


Vixen covered her face to contain her laughter. "Oh my god I can't believe it! You mean she saw everything?"

"Everything! She went crazy, and I could only cover myself in shame!"

"Oh please tell me you didn't - "

"Yes I did!"

"Oh my god!!!"

"No wait no wait... that's not all... after dad finishes screaming, she looks at me and shouts. 'Bethany Michaels! Get in the bathroom RIGHT NOW!"

Vixen began to whiz and gasp for air.

"... and I yell at her, I can't, I'm covering my face!"

Vixen squeaked. After a while, both girls calmed down.

"Yeah, we couldn't see each other's faces for like a month... I was so fucking embarrassed... when we went to the shrink, my dad was was speaking so fast and at the same time tried to avoid telling exactly what happened... and I don't remember what she said at the end, but you know what the shrink said?"


"Come again?"

"Oh my god!"

"And I began to laugh so hard that I peed myself right in the office!"

"Oh my god!"

"Well, just a little. Anyway... when we came home, you know what's the first thing dad said?"

"No, what?"

"'You ruined my favorite ffffff...'" Beth couldn't complete the sentence; Vixen cackled and pointed at Beth but then fell from her chair, and now it was Beth pointing and laughing at her.

"And then when... and then..." Beth tried to contain her snorting. "And when I... when I - and then when I - " she gasped for air. "And when I when I ..."

Watching Beth desperately try (and fail) to finish her sentence made Vixen laugh even harder.

"So when I searched our home library for porn the next week..." She took a series of short breaths.


"She had wiped the entire categ-!!!"

Vixen couldn't reply, she was laughing too hard.

"And then she removed uncle Harry from our contact list..."

"Who's uncle Harry?"

"Dad's uncle... and our porn dealer!"

Now Vixen began slapping the floor. "Stop, please stop!!!"

"Oh boy..."

When Vixen finished wiping the tears from her face she used one of her legs to pull her plastic chair towards herself; Beth decided to follow and reclined on hers. After all the shit she had to live through, this moment of sauna relaxation was a treasure.

She was paying attention to Vixen reclining on her chair, her magnificent breasts were following every delicate movement of her body, every breath... Vixen stretched her arms and lifted herself up for a fraction of a second before choosing a more comfortable position. Vixen's breasts giggled and Beth felt herself getting hard with every second that passed.

Vixen stretched her arms again, this time with her hands joined above her head. She moved her arms left and right, and her breasts giggled again. The view was mesmerizing; Beth couldn't ignore Vixen's breasts move, bounce with every single stretching exercise she was doing.

Before she knew it Beth began slowly stroking herself, squeezing her breast with her free hand. She saw Vixen extending her arm to reach a bottle of lotion and applying it to her body, all this without opening her eyes. "Ahh..." she said, making Beth wonder whether that was a sigh or a moan. "...I hadn't used one of these in ages." She was applying it to her arms, and then her legs... looking at Vixen's body become all shiny aroused Beth even more. Beth licked her lips, staring at this beautiful woman who was lubricating all her skin. The Venus in front of her stood up from her seat and applied the lotion to her perfectly toned buns. She rubbed the legs again and then softly caressed her breasts before sighing audibly.

Vixen flipped her chair around so the backrest would face forward, then rested her arms on the backrest. Her breasts pressing against it were a sight too inviting not to stare.


Beth came to her senses. What the hell was she doing!?!? She stopped touching herself and covered her crotch with the arms. "Uh... y-yes?"

"Could you do me a favor? Mind applying some lotion to my back? I can't reach there."

"Uh... okay..." oh god oh god oh god...

Beth stood up hoping that the steam would hide her erection, but each step she took only made it harder.

Beth took the bottle of lotion from the floor and started pouring it on her cupped hand.


Vixen's sigh-moan distracted Beth and made her pour too much lotion on her hand; she didn't notice until she began feeling the cold drops fall right on her erection. She cursed mentally and tried to wipe it off, but there was just so much that the only thing she accomplished was coating herself with lotion and it just felt too good.

"No hurries," she heard the woman of her desire tell her, "take your time..."

Fuck. Was she being sarcastic? Did she suspect was she was doing? Beth couldn't believe her behavior; she was horny and masturbating right next to her! What would she think? She was feeling so guilty but at the same time she couldn't stop stroking herself, and looking at that gorgeous body right in front of her wasn't helping at all.

Oh my god, Beth thought, what am I doing, what am I doing!

"Beth, I think you rubbed it long enough already..."

Shit!!! Did Vixen catch her?

" should be warm enough by now."

Oh, the lotion in her hand. Beth cleared her throat.

"Okay, I'm ready..."

Vixen leaned forward. Beth began pouring the lotion.

"Ah! ... it's still cold."

Stop making those sounds!

"Okay, I'm starting to rub it around..."

"Ah, yes... just like that... oh yeah..."

As Beth was pressing her thumbs against Vixen's muscles, she couldn't help noticing several lines of hard tissue that went from side to side. There were no visible wounds, but better safe than sorry.

"Um, Vixen... do these hurt?"


"In here..."

"Oh, the scars. Don't mind them, just a few more massages and they'll be replaced by normal skin in no time."


"If you're curious, it was a BDSM session gone wrong."

"Ouch... sorry."

"Don't worry, about me, Beth, the massage is enough help already. Oh yeah... a little bit harder, please... AAaaaaah, just like that..."

Hearing Vixen moan like that made Beth feel another rush of blood pumping through her already hard cock.

"Yes, more like that... ah, Beth, you could be a great massieuse... ah, this brings back old memories..."

"Oh! Tell me about them!" Perhaps if Vixen told her more about her past, she would stop getting so horny. Any distraction was welcome right now.

"Yeah, before my first job at Babylon... I would be isolated for quite a while, so I decided to get as many memories from the outside world as I could."

"Uh huh?"

"And a friend convinced me to get a sapphic massage..."

Beth had absolutely no idea what 'sapphic' meant. Was it like those tantric massages where they pretended to influence your chakras with crystals or something?

"Oh, it was glorious," Vixen told her, "the masseuse removed all my clothes, one by one in front of a mirror. It was super embarrassing and so hot at the same time. Then she escorted me to the massage bed and began applying oil all over me, and because I also bought the aphrodisiac package..."

It was then that Beth did a quick lookup on the word 'sapphic', and realized it was a fancy word that literally meant 'lesbian'. It was a sex massage???

"... I also took an Ignite pill and... oh boy, I'm getting turned on just by remembering... Anyway! Would you like to sit? I'll put both chairs together."

Beth quickly covered herself with one hand and tried not to rub herself with the other. She was failing fantastically.

No, stop!!! she mentally yelled at her hand, what are you doing!!!

Vixen sat back down. "There."

Beth noticed that her chair was touching the wall, and Vixen had moved hers just too close. Beth's legs could barely fit, but that wasn't the problem; the way Vixen sat just made her dangerously close, and she was practically presenting herself.

Oh my god...

"Um, Vix? Mind moving a little forward so I can sit down?"

"Oh, silly me! Sure!" Vixen moved herself a bit away from Beth. "Is that okay?"

"Yeah, thanks." Beth sat down.

"Wait. Let me stretch a little..." Vixen stood up and stretched her whole body. "Okay... have you got the lotion?"

"Yes, I got it right here."

"Good. Oh look, the chair height can be adjusted! Let me make this just a tiny bit taller..."

She bent over, exposing her most intimate part right in front of Beth's line of sight. In normal circumstances, she would think something like "What are you doing!!! Are you forgetting I'm gay???" But these were not normal circumstances; The pills made her much more receptive to external stimuli, and Vixen's body was just too great a stimuli to ignore... Beth just stared at Vixen's pussy and she just couldn't look aside. Perfectly designed from factory, the two lips, soft, tender, side by side... She wanted to lean forward and smell the sweet, delicious scent of Vixen's pussy. She wanted to taste it; and her buns, her soft buns... she just wanted to squeeze them and rub her cheeks on them... before she knew it, Beth's nipples went completely hard and she started touching herself again.

"Ah! "There. Now let me sit down."

Beth panicked for a moment but she couldn't remember what she was panicking about. Her mind began to play tricks with her, making her remember all those porn stimvids she had collected in her private box... "Ahhh... yeah.... there... more..." Images of beautiful women fucking, fondling and licking each other... one on top of the other, two women doubly penetrating the one in the middle... orgies of both pure females and dickgirls, sucking or licking each others' tits, cocks and pussies... and suddenly their faces were replaced by Vixen's and hers...

"I love you, Beth", the imaginary Vixen said as the imaginary Beth was penetrating her from behind on a bed surrounded by flowers and velvet curtains.

I love you too, Vix, I love you too!

Beth... faster Beth, faster...

"Beth, are you ready?"

Beth woke up from the daydrem and swallowed.

"Uh - yes, I'm ready!"

For a split second, Beth checked on herself at home, and oh boy, she didn't know what was making her hornier, the beautiful blue-skinned woman in front of her, or the sight of her hands touching herself as she squirmed on the bed.

Oh god, she thought, I'm horny in both bodies at the same time...

"Now let me get comfortable on this chair... okay, ready, you can start rubbing now."

Beth imagined herself rubbing the tip of her cock on Vixen's pussy.

"Sorry, what?"

"The lotion."


Beth swallowed. She began to apply the lotion, no, no not down there, dammit... oh god, please don't turn around, please don't turn around...

Putting her all into her will force, she managed to move her hand away from herself and began applying the lotion on Vixen's back.

Oh my god, she thought, I was rubbing myself with this lotion! Oh god oh god, she's gonna kill me...

"Mmmhhh... there...."

Wait, wait, she began to argue mentally, it's not like this particular coat of lotion directly touched my skin, right?

So she hoped she wasn't rubbing any of her own secretions on Vixen's back. Okay, just a little slip... she thought. She smelled the lotion on her hand, and it was just that... lotion. She felt relieved. There wasn't any noticeable difference. But her mind was already playing games with her again, and she began to imagine that she was applying a coating of her precum onto Vixen's back. She squeezed the lotion with her hand, looking at how sticky it was...

Jesus Christ. She took a deep breath and began applying the lube - er, lotion - on Vixen's back.

"Yes, Beth... just like that..."

Beth began panting slowly. God, please help me, I can't stand this any longer...

And then it just dawned upon her. Why not just ask for permission? It was that easy. Her anxiety went away as she realized that if her horniness got out of control she could just tell Vixen and ask her to masturbate for a moment. For now, she just wanted to enjoy Vixen's back, and hopefully... maybe more...

"Ah, yes... just like that... please move your hands back and forth please, press hard against my muscles."

Beth obeyed, but her hands weren't the only thing that moved back and forth.

"Slower, please..."

Vixen moaned as Beth's thumbs began pushing against her upper back, "Yes... just like that... yes..."

Beth felt the blood rising to her cheeks. God, she wanted so much to make love to her... to fondle her, to kiss her, to enjoy this moment like a dream and hope to never wake up...

"Yes, like that... now apply more to my sides, please?"

Oh god, oh god...

Another puff of steam came out of the bathroom's sauna vents.

"Now on my tummy, please?"

Beth cleared her throat. "Uh... like that?" she asked, with her voice trembling.

"Yeah, like that... now a bit higher, please..."

Oh god oh god oh god...

She stopped right at the boobs and swallowed. Her index fingers could feel the squishy feeling above them.


She lifted her hands up a bit until she reached the under cleavage, her fingers were completely surrounded by Vixen's boobs now.

Oh god...

"Is that... okay?"

"Wait. Let me get the lotion..."

Vixen poured some of the lotion directly on her breasts; Beth felt the cold sensation of the lube - or lotion, whatever - and didn't know what to do.

"A little higher please..." Vixen sang.

"Oh my god", thought Beth, "I'm fondling Vixen's tits... I'm fondling her tits... Oh my god, they're huge! They're so fucking huge... oh my God... oh my God!"

Vixen moaned as Beth applied the lotion on her breasts. "Mmmmhh... yeah.... just like that..."

Beth noticed Vixen's nipples getting hard. "Yes, Beth, just like that..."

Oh god, oh god, oh god...

Beth couldn't resist it anymore. She leaned forward and rested her breasts on Vixen's back.

"Yes, like that, Beth... keep fondling me... just like that... Oh God, this is beautiful..."

What am I doing? Are we finally going to have sex? Or are we just rubbing?

This was it. Beth had to ask.

"Um... Vixen..."

"Yes, Beth?"

"I'm... too horny right now... I want to do it... right now... I'm sorry, it's just that... you're so fucking hot... please forgive me..."

"Aw, baby... why would you need my forgiveness?"

"I didn't want to... I didn't want you to think I..."

"Aw, Beth..." Beth felt Vixen's hands tenderly hold her wrists. "You're adorable."

The sudden change in Vixen's tone stopped Bethany in her tracks. There was definitely mockery in that tone.

"Uh - w-what?"

Vixen snorted. "Beth, haven't you noticed already? I've been trying to seduce you, silly!! I put my ass in front of you, I even showed you my pussy!"

"Y-you did that on purpose?"

"Well d'oh!" She giggled again. "Of course I did!"

"Jesus Christ! You could have warned me! Here I was trying not to touch you!" Beth began to laugh.

"Oh baby... you're such a cute little dork." Vixen began to laugh, too.

"Oh look at us! Laughing again..."

"No, please, that was too much!"

"Okay, okay, I'll try not to laugh again."


"Uh yes?"

"I... have to confess something..."


"Well, I didn't want to say anything out of respect, but..."


Vixen stood up, turned around and sat again before showing Beth a naughty smile. She approached her ear, and whispered:

"I totally saw you masturbating to me."

Beth's face went red as a tomato. Vixen went on:

"And it made me so hot..."

"Oh my God..."

Vixen straightened herself and closed her eyes. She then began touching her shiny, lubricated body with her palms, from the top of her breasts, to her hips, to her breasts again.

"I want you, Beth... touch me."

Beth groped Vixen and her hands began sliding down Vixen's breasts towards her hips, and then her buttocks. Beth's own buttocks began tensing on their own. She wanted it.

Vixen leaned forward and gave Beth a soft kiss.

And another.

And a big one, caressing her cheek with her thumb, and then her back.

Beth swallowed. "My mouth's kinda dry..."

Vixen grinned. "Too much steam, right?"

"Uh yes..."

Vixen reached behind the curtain and showed Beth a bottle of lemonade.

"Oh my god, where did you get that?"

"One must have to be prepared for everything, Beth. E-very-thing..."


Vixen opened the bottle and took a few gulps. Then she took a last one but didn't swallow. She closed the bottle and finger-called Beth.

Beth felt amused and aroused at the same time. She had never felt something like this. She opened her mouth and let Vixen kiss her and pour the lemonade mouth to mouth. Some of the water poured out and slid down her neck and body.

"Oh my god..."

Excited at Beth's expression, Vixen bit her lip. "You liked that?"

Beth was totally blushing now. She could only nod.

"Okay," replied Vixen, smiling mischievously, "time for level two."


Vixen moved herself forward, almost - almost touching Bethany. Bethany felt Vixen's hand touch her knee, slowly going up her thigh until she felt closing it around her.

"I've always wanted to do this. Tense up for as long as you can... alright, just a few seconds more... now relax... now slide two fingers inside your pussy and get them as far as you can. Come on, hurry, don't be shy... tell me when you're ready."

Beth swallowed. "Okay, I'm ready..."

"Now push your fingers up and get it hard... now."

Beth obeyed, and felt Vixen strike and squeeze her. Suddenly she felt a slow but steady discharge of fluid leaving her.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! OH my god! How did..."

Beth was shocked at the quantity of fluid that was coming out. This was not normal. Fifty cubic centimeters was DEFINITELY not normal!

"Beth, I can't believe you've been using this avatar for years and you still don't know the full specs. Oh look at that... look. At. That..."

Beth saw how Vixen lifted her hand; the fluid was pouring out the borders. Vixen kept lifting her hand as high as she could and began pouring a glistening thread of liquid on her tongue. Her delicate movements made the liquid describe spirals around her tongue like honey being poured on a raspberry until it was completely covered in a thick layer of gloss.

Vixen's eyes were sparkling; her smile was so full of deviancy that she could barely compare her with the loving angel that had comforted her less than an hour ago. And yet there she was, her mouth full of Beth's own nectar and her smile as naughty as a seductress. She finger-called Beth again.

No!!! It's too much!!!

Beth rapidly shook her head.

Vixen negated Beth's reluctance with a naughty nod and finger-called her one more time.

Oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this...

Still hesitating, Beth slowly leaned forward. Vixen touched Beth's mouth with her lubricated hand and gently pushed her thumb inside Beth's mouth.

Beth could taste the saltiness in one drop of her own fluid. At the same time she felt her heart beating faster.

Oh my god...

Vixen approached more and more. They were centimeters apart.

>> Now take two deep breaths, Beth, because you won't be able to breathe for a while. It's going to be a loooong kiss.

Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

>> Come on, breathe!

Beth obeyed; her pulse beating faster, and before she could take the third breath Vixen gave her the naughtiest kiss she had ever received in her whole life. Beth felt her own delicious, salty juice slide down from Vixen's mouth to her own tongue.

> Oh my god just how much did you keep in there!

>> Everything, Beth. EVERYTHING...

> Oh my god!

Beth had to swallow four times, and her tongue was still coated in it. She could feel threads of the viscous liquid forming between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, her teeth... her entire mouth was coated in her own precum.

She covered her mouth in shock.

Oh my god I can't breathe!

>> Still swallowing?

Beth felt Vixen's fingers touch her throat; she swallowed two more times. She couldn't believe it; she was swallowing her own precum and Vixen kept staring at her, feeling her throat as she passed every single gulp of nasty, sexual juice. She could feel it sliding down to her stomach; she could feel it fall on her stomach.

Oh my god. Oh my god... my precum is in my stomach! I took a load of precum to my stomach! Oh my god!!!

She swallowed again and tried to take some air, but it was so thick that she began to cough.

Oh my god it's in my lungs now!!!

She coughed three times and all Vixen did was grinning and biting her lip.

>> Let me guess, Did some of it go up your nose?"

What kind of sexual deviant are you!!!???

Beth still couldn't say anything; she nodded.

>> I still have a bit in my mouth, want more?

Oh. My. God!!! There's more???

Beth nodded slowly; she was just too horny to say no.

What am I doing!!!

Vixen gave her another naughty, slimy kiss and Beth swallowed the precum as fast as she could. After the last gulp she opened her mouth wide and took a few deep breaths.

"Too much, huh?"

Beth nodded.

"Did you like it?"

Beth couldn't say no; she only felt her cheeks blush.

"You liked it, didn't you? you little slut."

Before Beth could answer Vixen gave her a smack on her cheek. Instant boner.

"Wait. We're not fishished with your mouth yet."


To her relief, Vixen grabbed the bottle of lemonade and gave it a few gulps.

>> Let's clean that filthy little mouth of yours, shall we?

Beth blushed and covered her mouth in shame. She had never felt so excited in her entire life. She opened her mouth but Vixen pulled her by the neck hair so she would face up, then poured the lemonade from above.


Beth was ecstatic; she was being treated like a rag doll and she liked it.

Two more long, wet kisses and she had finished drinking the entire bottle of lemonade.


"Oh my fucking God... where did you learn all of this?"

Vixen giggled and shrugged. Beth kissed her again. Vixen pushed herself forward, sandwiching Beth's hard, throbbing cock between the two bodies. Vixen began rubbing her pussy against Beth, who was panting and unable to react.

With a slow movement, Vixen got up and gently pulled Beth by the buttocks.

Oh my God, this is it...

Vixen began dancing slowly, letting Beth feel her with her most sensitive part. Still dancing, she grabbed Beth's hands and pressed them against her shiny, slippery breasts.

"Do you like this?"

"Oh God..."

Slowly moving left and right, Vixen kept lowering herself as Beth felt herself slipping inside her.

"Oh god... oh god... oh god..."

After Vixen sat on Beth's legs, Beth began grinding; it was the best feeling on Earth.

"Beth, I... I've never felt myself while in a body like yours... I want to feel me, please sync with me..."

"Oh my god you can sync???"

Beth received the request. The memories of sex-syncing with other people online came back to her mind; just the idea of doing it got her excited, almost like a fetish. No; it had already become a fetish for her. She felt her pulse increasing and she released more fluids inside Vixen.

Oh my god did she notice?

"Hurry up, Beth... click accept..."

Beth licked her lips, seeing the AR request in front of her, waiting, calling for her. Even her ghostly virtual hand was trembling when she approached the accept button.

"Mmmhh..." Vixen moaned again. Before Beth knew it she had clicked on the button already. She was still unsure whether to accept, but her virtual hand moved by itself. She hadn't felt this horny in years, and now she was beginning to feel every sensation that Vixen was feeling: Her feet, her lips closing as she swallowed, the pressure of her own cock moving back and forth inside her, the aftertaste of precum that she had drank a few minutes ago.

The aftertaste? No, the taste. There was still enough to be tasted, but Beth didn't feel like the sensation was coming from the tongue. Vixen was tasting with her...

Beth took both hands to her mouth. She saw herself through Vixen's eyes: her pupils contracting, her cheeks flushing, and it made her even more horny. It was like looking at herself from the camera in a VShow, and it was the most sensual thing she had experienced, not even the hottest porn would've had this effect on her.

The shock and arousal caused her to release a second load of fluid inside Vixen. She felt the moisture, the slipperiness, the rubbing, the pressure and the taste again, this time more intense. She gasped involuntarily.

Oh my god...

Vixen bit her lip briefly before smiling again. She knew perfectly what Beth had just experienced, and her reaction was something worthy of a million credits porn film.

"Oh my god you can taste it!?!?!?"

Still smiling, Vixen nodded slowly. She pressed herself against Beth's body, pushing the top of Beth's small breasts with the bottom of her own large ones. Beth felt the soft squishy feeling of both bodies at the same time.

Vixen approached to Beth's ear and whispered. "It's an undocumented function. Only eroids know it exists, and we can turn it on or off as we desire. I wanted to share it with you."

The combined sensations were just too much to handle. Beth was feeling with her body, but Vixen's pussy seemed to be at least twice as sensitive as her own; Beth had to give it her all not to faint. "Vix, can you...dial it down a little? It's..." she bit her finger with her lips. "...too much..."

"Oh. Sorry, babe. Is that fine?"

Beth nodded. Feeling the sensations from both bodies at the same time was almost like those times she had sex with herself while inside Abby, but knowing there was someone else on the other side made all the difference, and not knowing where Vixen might touch herself next was hot as fuck. This was pure pleasure.

"Beth... you're going too fast.... can you please take it slower?"

"I, I don't think I c - OW!!!" Beth stared at her buttock in amazement. "Where did that..." Then she looked at Vixen and realized she had just spanked herself. "Oh my god did you just - OW!!!"

Vixen chuckled. "Got your attention now?"


Vixen smiled. "Good. Now close your eyes and stand still."

Oh god, what's she going to do now?

Beth looked down to try to guess what Vixen was going to do, but she felt another spank, this time the other side.


"No looking!"

"Oh Jesus..." Beth obeyed and closed her eyes as she noticed the irony of a human obeying an android's orders. She wondered what she would feel now... she prepared for another spank, but instead she felt...

A caress on the cheek. A kiss. The soft caress of fingernails up her ribs, and down her back. Two circles drawn around her breasts - no, not hers - Vixen's. Only now she had realized how big Vixen's breasts were. God, they were huge! The sides again, and then the thighs. The pressure of all fingers expanding around the knees, and soft caresses again on the legs. Then up the thighs, to the sides again, and around the ears, with a softness that almost felt like the touch of a feather.

Beth shivered with all her body. Was this real? She had never been seduced like that... ever. She felt herself moving back and forth again, this time slower. Vixen was riding her and training her in the arts of love, like a master courtesan. Where the hell did she learn that...

She heard her own loud panting, almost like a moan.

Then the caresses stopped. She heard Vixen's voice.

"Eeny... meeny... miny..."

Beth felt a sudden pinching of the nipples and let out the sexiest moan she had ever heard.

Vixen began playing with her own nipples, rocking herself along with Beth.

"Do you like that, Beth?"

God, Vixen's nipples were so sensitive! Those caresses feel like heaven.

"Don't stop... don't stop, keep doing that..."

"Patience, Beth... we need to take it slow... trust me."

"Oh Jesus..."

Vixen began caressing herself just like before while Beth had her eyes closed.

"Oh god," said Beth, "I never knew I could look this sensual... yes, keep doing that... keep doing that, please..."

Vixen's hands played on her body like figure skaters, dancing and making love to the ice. Beth envied Vixen, she was able to give her so much comfort and pleasure, while she... it didn't matter. Beth kept enjoying every second of caresses. Finally she began feeling refreshed, as if a strange lucidity was dawning upon her.

She opened her eyes.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, I'm fine... wait a sec..."

She closed her eyes and heard herself moaning. She opened her eyes at home; she was reclining on her pillow, completely naked, her hands touching herself all over as if they had a mind of their own. She looked to the right, the drawer on the bedside was open and she had grabbed a couple of toys. She didn't need to look to know where those things were right now - she was feeling them pressing against her already.

Her body was moving back and forth, as well as her right hand, which was drenched in lube and pushing a dildo against her filled pussy as fast as she could.


The fever she was feeling was intolerable, she couldn't stop moving or touching herself no matter how much effort she put on it; she had lost all control over herself and all she could think was fucking her own brains out.

For a minute she kept rubbing and touching and squeezing, moaning as her body felt the pleasurable sensations her toys gave her. Her arm got tired and her wrist began to hurt.

Oh fuck...

She switched her consciousness back to the bathroom.

"Something wrong? I lost you for a minute, there."

"My body at home... I'm burning..."

"Follow my movements, Beth. Follow my movements..."

Vixen began squeezing her nipples, making Beth let out a loud moan.

"Follow me, Beth. Do as I do."

Beth began touching her own nipples just as Vixen was doing. She felt another load of precum being slowly released inside Vixen. Then she began tasting it, and the taste was much more intense now. It was completely wet inside Vixen, and she could feel from Vixen's POV her rock hard cock fucking her, pressing against her inner walls. The sensation was out of this world; whatever modification Vixen had in her vag, she definitely wanted to buy one for herself.

"Oh God... oh god..." The pleasure was too much, and the increased sensation was only making herself thrust more and more; and the more she thrusted, the more pleasure she felt as Vixen. She was engaging in a vicious circle of pleasure, and she couldn't stop.

She couldn't control herself anymore, she began fondling vixen all over her body. She opened her eyes, noticing that Vixen was panting just like her. God, she looked so fucking hot...

The two women began moving back and forth in unison, kissing each other on the neck and caressing each other's back.

Vixen began to moan.

Beth realized Vixen couldn't control herself anymore because now she was getting her messages via chat.

>> You're making me feel so good, Beth. Keep going, Beth, keep going...

>> faster...

>> faster...

>> faster...

"Ahh hahh hahh hahhh..."

Beth felt like she had lost herself in a dream, she couldn't control her actions anymore. The heat was stronger than ever and her wrists were hurting like hell. She reached for the open drawer on the side of her bed and grabbed her wand.

She turned it on and it still had charge! THANK FUCKING GOD! She grabbed it with both hands and pressed it against herself. The response was instantaneous.

"Oh God..... god..... mmmmmAAAAA!!!"

Back in the bathroom she was grinding faster and faster; the two women's moans were fully synced now, and sounded like a concert of porn. The moans got louder and louder until Beth began feeling her inner muscles tensing up all at once. The tension became stronger by the second until she got to the point of no return. She was feeling it... she knew that if she stopped tensing up she would come, but at the same time she couldn't stop, and with each second of tension she knew her climax would be more and more powerful. She was full and about to burst like a dam under a storm, and she still was tensing up.

Vixen wasn't far behind, she was contracting her inner muscles and started rubbing herself as fast as her hands let her, forgetting that Beth was receiving absolutely everything.


>> Beth, I'm coming! I'm coming!!!

> I KNOW!!!

Back at home Beth moaned as loud as a pornstar before an explosion of pleasure forced the nerves in both her bodies act on their own.

Beth felt all three bodies climaxing with at most one second of difference: Abby ejaculating inside Vixen, Vixen tasting Beth's cum and contracting in consecutive bursts of pleasure, and Beth's real body releasing a stream of water on the bedsheets before convulsing in the puddle.

The pleasure was unbearable, almost to the point of becoming pain. All she could see with her strained eyes was the ceiling in front of her, her muscles arching back without her being able to do or even think of doing anything about it. She was at the mercy of her own pleasure; everything that was going on in her mind was this gargantuan wave of pleasure that engulfed her entire being, leaving no space for anything else. Everything was pleasure. Pleasure was everything and she was drowning in it.


The wand turned itself off and Beth let herself fall on the bed, her body still shaking. It took her an entire minute to realize what was going on, and five entire minutes to fully regain her senses.

"Oh shit..." she whispered to herself.

Five seconds of silence.

"Oh shit..." she whispered again.

More silence.

"Oh... SHIT! Jesus... fucking... Christ! Oh shit."

She still couldn't finish processing what had happened to her. Her water was sliding down her tail; she could feel it dripping from the tail's spade-shaped tip. She pushed her body downwards to the bottom of the bed and straightened her tail to feel the carpet below her. She could feel a small puddle around the bed's leg, it would get a permanent stain if she didn't act fast, but she was too exhausted to do anything about it.

"Ah, fuck it."

She wiped her tail on the bedsheets and fidgeted with it for a while. Before she knew it she was coiling the tail around her fingers and remembered the lectures Da' gave her about public indecency (and she perfectly understood why).

She sighed and stared at the ceiling for god knows how many minutes more until her bodily functions finally came back to normal and she began feeling hungry.

"Fuck... I'm starving and I need to shower..."

A quick scan of the house's cameras told her it was safe to come out of the bedroom (she would never repeat that mistake again!) She ran to the bathroom and after doing what she had to do, she opened the shower door and sat on the floor as she recovered from... fucking everything.

"Jesus Christ... what the fuck was that..."

After the shower she took a quick trip to the kitchen still wrapped in her towel; she made herself a sandwich and devoured it in an instant before passing it with a carton of fresh milk.

With her hunger satisfied she returned to her bedroom, pushed the empty toy boxes to the drawer, grabbed the wet bedsheets along with all her clothes and tossed it all into the laundry basket.

Hotel room
Half an hour later

Beth opened her eyes; she was comfortably covered in the bedsheets and a gentle hand was caressing her head. It was like a dream and she didn't want to wake up. Curiosity got the best of her and she turned around; expecting her was the sweetest smile she could find in a woman - or an android.

"Everything fine at home?"

Beth remembered everything and couldn't help blushing. "Um, yeah."

"Oh, I hadn't had this much fun in years..." said Vixen, staring at the ceiling.



"Can I ask you a favor?"

"Yes, honey?"

"Can I... can I..." Beth's voice got tense; she was afraid to ask, but Vixen immediately caressed her. "Shh, it's fine, girl, it's fine. Just ask."

"I want to... record this... for... half an hour? Just you caressing me..."

"Sure thing, honey, sure thing. What's on your mind?"

"Just... me resting next to you, you caressing me... No words."

"Should we look at each other's eyes, or do you want me to get... here?"

Beth saw that Vixen had moved just so her breasts were right in front of her. She fondled them for a bit, and sucked for a second. She blushed.

"Yes... like this. But... I almost run out of memory, and I really, REALLY need this..."

"Maybe you can share. Half duplex, and I'll record everything for you. Is that okay?"

"Thank you. Thank you so much..."

Okay, please share and I'll start recording right away.

"Thank you."

Beth began sharing and closed her eyes. Vixen kept caressing her arm as Beth rested placidly on her pillow and occasionally enjoyed Vixen's breasts. Once in a while, Vixen would switch from the arm to the sides, to the neck. She began singing the lullaby. Beth felt so happy and wanted to thank her so much, but speaking would ruin the moment. Before she knew it she forgot she was recording a stimvid and closed her eyes, enjoying the moment.

"I love you..." she whispered before almost falling asleep again.

"I love you too, honey. I love you too."

This was heaven. If this is a dream, I never want to wake up, she thought to herself. Thank you, Vix, thank you so much. Her mind began to wander. If only dad would have been like this, only one time, only one single time... my life wouldn't have been fucked up so much.

"Shh shh shh shh shh..."

She relaxed again. This was it. This was what she always wanted.

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