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Official site for the Cyberpunk novel "Pandora Downloaded", and related works.


Cover for 'Pandora Downloaded'. A futuristic tech market similar to the Shenzhen Electronics Market in China. View from one of the corridors. On the left: stands for home AI upgrades, phones + VR. The AI upgrades stand has boxes of A.I. software with the figure of a Victorian maid. On the wall there's a religious propaganda poster featuring a dark-skinned AI goddess praying, her wings made of binary code.
On the right, customer service for biomod companies, a biomodded video store and sex work agency. The corridor has a steel bar separating the flow of customer traffic in two directions. The crowd are people of all races, Latinos, Asian, white, wearing all kinds of biomods: horns, tentacles in the heads, fangs.
On the right corridor, walking away from the camera, there's a horned dude has a sleeveless jacket with an outrun-style logo saying "Get an avatar and (glitched text, unreadable) yourself." 
On the left corridor, walking to the viewer, there's a beautiful and busty woman with gray jeans and ample cleavage white T-Shirt with the text "Mom's out, let's have fun" in leet-speak. She is smiling seductively. Her skin is gray-scale, as if seen from a black-and-white camera. Her eyes are emerald-green.
Five people behind the woman there is a tall and muscular Egyptian revivalist wearing traditional Egyptian clothing and with the tattoo of Anubis in his arm. He seems to stare menacingly at the viewer.
Above one of the corridors there's a graffiti in Spanish warning about fraudsters.
Cover commissioned to Matt Zeilinger

Pandora Downloaded

In the dark alleys of New Hong Kong a Neo Victorian woman has been found murdered. Her close relatives choose an unusual man to solve the case: Richard Pearson, a former android manager who has secretly been struggling with a rare brain implant disease.

After a quick review Pearson accepts, believing it's a clear-cut case of an android gone rogue. Little does he know that his investigations will end up uncovering a murder cold case involving darknet crime syndicates, corrupt politicians, and an Artificial Intelligence safeguarded by the most powerful android corporation in the world.